In partnership with Architectural Digest, the Sotheby’s International Realty® network presented its latest custom editorial, “Wordly Vision,” which connects readers to John Finton, of Finton Constructions, who reimagines homes using materials from around the globe.

As the article describes, Finton recently worked on a project in Miami where the original home was “stripped of more recent additions, picked up, and repositioned on its lot in order to accommodate a new, modern dwelling for the client” and now “the original house is being restored with a contemporary twist, adjacent to the new home.” As Finton told Architectural Digest, ”Nobody wants to tear down something beautiful and charming. In Pasadena, I grew up remodeling and restoring these homes, so it made sense to move me to move this house.”

The Miami Beach Home, Image Courtesy of the Article

The Miami Beach Home, Image Courtesy of the Article

In order to complete his renovation projects, Finton travels around the world in order to find the perfect materials. For example, in the Miami Beach reimagination project, pictured above, “Finton’s team sourced contemporary furnishings from Italy to complement the classic stone floors.”

The result is unparalleled quality, and, in some cases, solution to design woes. For instance, he said he recently discovered an Italian company capable of making bronze gates for a Hawaiian estate he is working on all because he saw their work at the Louis Vuitton store in Venice.

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