Tiny homes have been on many people's radar for a while, and Houzz picked up on that trend in confluence with the development of the "smart house." Imagine being able to lock and unlock doors with the sound of your voice, receiving an alert when something like a water leak occurs, control lights from afar on a streamlined app. Well, Intel Corp. is considered all of these things, and "has created an experimental 'living lab' to test smart-home technologies and showcase what might be possible."

As the article describes, "'For the emerging smart-home market to succeed, it needs to conquer a lot of issues: connectivity, interoperability, user interaction, killer apps and security,' said Eric Free, vice president of Smart Homes and Buildings." Public reaction will likely be mixed, as the Houzz describes that only 10% of the American population feels that these homes will be as commonplace as smart phones in the next ten years, but we'll soon find out, as Intel's Smart Home Development Acceleration Platform is due to be available to app developers in early 2016.