In a new video released by Sotheby’s International Realty AffiliatesFrancis X. Santangelo, Senior Vice President of Global Operations, challenges other Sotheby’s offices from around the world to “keep up with the Joneses,” by featuring the Kirkland Connoisseurs of Life Showroom in the first segment of a new project called Inspired Spaces. The project’s aim, as Santangelo says, is to profile “extraordinary offices and unique uses of space from around our global network,” spaces that will then “be showcased on the main stage at the Leadership Forum in Ranco Palos Verdes, CA” this fall.

The short video, which shows Santangelo speaking from the Kirkland location, describes the initial difficulties of conceptualizing the office. Specifically, there were city ordinances that forced Dean and Stacy Jones, Owners of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, to bring innovation to a new level, and partner with DeLille Cellars to create a retail space and wine bar at the front of the office. And not only did this plan get the city on board, it also resulted in a dynamic office and event location, which, as Santangelo says, is “turning a lemon into lemonade.”

Designed by lead architect Henry Walters of Atelier Drome and developed by Richard Adatto and Paul Peterson of Adatto Construction, the environment boasts flexible chambers of space defined by movable wall partitions that create the retail space, entry atrium, central gathering room and conference center as well as the brokerage Great Room overlooking the Kirkland Marina and Lake Washington. As demonstrated during numerous events held in the space, from holiday and personal parties to business functions including the Pacific Rim Real Estate Summit, the unique space completely opens from street to bay, yet quickly converts back to its corporate work spaces.

In the call for submissions from affiliates the world over, Santangelo toasts Dean and Stacy, asking to see if others are keeping up with “his” Joneses.

ABOVE: The Connoisseurs of Life Showroom in Kirkland consists of the Realogics Sotheby's International Realty offices and retail partnerships with Maison DeLille's wine bar and retail shop; installations by LightArt; the latest in technology by Wipliance; a permanent photo booth by The Snap Bar; and furnishings from Masins, Alchemy Collections, and The Island Gallery