Catherine is a resourceful 
advocate you want in your corner! 

"I had an experience with Catherine 5 years ago and everything went smoothly, but you can't really evaluate a service based on a 'fair weather' scenario. This summer I was trading houses on a more 'delicate' set of circumstances using a DIFFERENT agent (my bad, a family friend) and things went really south: the agent was no help and I was looking at losing my earnest money.

I gave Catherine a call and she stepped in right away to try and help untangle the situation, so I fired the other agent and continued my search with her. Due to my circumstances it took us a couple of tries to get a deal together but Catherine, using her invaluable connections, got us a nice bank to work with and even used her network to peek at houses from other agents before they hit the market, expanding our options in a period that the market was going cold (Oct/Nov).

In the end, everything went great. We got the house we needed and a fair deal despite all our circumstances. I strongly recommend Catherine, not only for her step up attitude in our fair weather circumstances, but also because she is the resourceful advocate you want in your corner when good things don't exactly come your way."

- Fabio Santos

Catherine is a high caliber agent in all aspects, but also down to earth, easy to work with, and responsive.

"In total, Catherine has helped sell or purchase $5.1M in properties over the past 8 years. She sold a $2.4 million waterfront condo in Kirkland in 2013, helped purchase a view condo in 2013 for $750k, and then sold that condo in 2015 for $915k. 

Catherine is a true professional who knows what needs to be done to capture the best price for any property. From staging to the professional photography and marketing, everything has always been top notch and has fetched the prices I have demanded. She provides the resources and coordinates all the work to get homes ready for the market.

I have worked with Catherine to purchase homes and found her to be a tough negotiator and great advocate for me. In the tough market years, she negotiated and got me the deals I wanted. When the market got tougher for buyers, I found that Catherine positioned my offer in the best way possible to win the day over multiple offers.

Catherine is a high caliber agent in all aspects, but also down to earth, easy to work with, and responsive."

- Walter Duignan